Colorado's Fourteener/400 Club

A Uniquely Colorado Birding Goal

By convention, a mountain in Colorado is considered to be a "ranked" peak if it rises at least 300 feet above the saddle to any higher mountain. By this criterion there are 53 ranked fourteeners in Colorado, though some of these were discovered to be ranked only after the last USGS survey. Lists of the state's fourteeners sometimes include one or more of the five unranked 14,000 foot peaks which have official names. Anyone listed as completing the fourteeners did, as a minimum, all the known ranked 14,000 foot peaks.

Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state, as well as the greatest area over 10,000 feet. It is a goal for many Colorado hikers to summit all of the peaks higher than 14,000 feet (see inset). Likewise it is a goal for many Colorado birders to see 400 or more species of birds in the state by seeing or hearing each species.This page lists those people who have summited all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks and have seen at least 400 species of birds in the state. To date 14 birder/hikers have acheived this goal. People are listed in order of the final date of completion of both feats.

Click Photo Name Final Fourteener Summitted 400th Colorado Bird Seen
1 Thompson Marsh (1903 - 1992) Mt. Sneffels in August 1968 in 1981
2 Peter Gent Wilson Peak in August 1989 Lesser Nighthawk in May 1991
3 Duane Nelson Maroon Peak in September 1992 Harris' Hawk in December 1994
4 Hugh Kingery Mt. Columbia in October 1957 Trumpeter Swan in December 1995
5 Gregg Goodrich Snowmass Mountain in September 1993 Purple Finch in February 2008
6 Larry Modesitt Snowmass Mountain in September 1993 Sooty Tern in September 2008
7 Roger Linfield Snowmass Mountain in July 2013 Blue-headed Vireo in October 2012
8 Brenda Linfield Snowmass Mountain in July 2013 Great Crested Flycatcher in June 2014
9 David Gillilan Kit Carson Peak in July 2010 Hudsonian Godwit in August 2015
10 Lynne Miller Mt. Lindsey in August 1984 Parasitic Jaeger in October 2015
11 Susan Pelligrini Wilson Peak in September 2012 Gyrfalcon in January 2019
12 Kevin Keirn Uncompahgre in July 1991 Curve-billed Thrasher in June 2020
13 Arthur Bezuidenhout Culebra in June 2015 White-winged Crossbill in December 2020
14 Joan Grant Capitol Peak in September 1994 Black Scoter in November 2022

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