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Cottonwood Marsh photo by Peter Burke

Taylor Ranch - Prowers County
Ownership: Private (see directions for access)
Description: This working ranch boasts a suite of attractions for travelers. The unique landscape hosts all our native prairie birds such as mountain plover, scaled quail and Cassin's kingbird. The ranch also boasts a high concentration of raptors including bald eagle, northern harrier, swainson hawk as well as nesting ferruginous hawks and golden eagles. Migrants have included sandhill cranes. Arroyos, natural springs, and frontage along Two Buttes Creek make this a beautiful site to hike. A variety of reptiles such as collared lizards, possible leopard frogs and hog nosed snakes have been seen on the property. The owners can impart a great deal of the area's lore, including knowledge of a site on the property where a hanging took place and are willing to give guided tours. Pronghorn, white tailed and mule deer, a variety of foxes and coyote frequent the ranch. The ranch's livestock include rare British White cattle and Arabian horses.

Habitat: Shortgrass prairie, lowland riparian
Directions: To inquire about access to this ranch and to get directions, please call 719-336-0909 a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your potential visit. Please remember that this is a working ranch as well as a private residence, and there may be times when the landowner cannot accommodate visits. While you are on the ranch, remember to stay on roads, leave gates as you find them (whether open or closed), and refrain from taking anything off the ranch or leaving trash behind.
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