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Cottonwood Marsh photo by Peter Burke

Red Lion State Wildlife Area - Logan County
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Description: This SWA borders Jumbo Reservoir (see the Sedgwick County page) to the southwest, and is easy to bird in the same trip. Its main claim used to be a population of Eastern Meadowlark, but after a fire in the early '90s, they have not been seen. However, they could return to the area.

The small reservoir here, fondly called "Little Jumbo," often has some good shoreline, though the shorebird numbers are usually not as good as on "Big" Jumbo. Waterfowl are also common here, and the occasional good wader or gull has been seen. There are also some trees along the west shore that may produce a good landbird or two.

Check the fields on the west side of the road on your way to/from here; when flooded in the spring they can be good for shorebirds (including Red-necked Phalarope), and when dry the area can be good for grassland species such as Grasshopper Sparrow.

There is a large prairie-dog colony on the north side of US-138 just west of the road to Red Lion, and multiple Burrowing Owls can usually be found in a thorough scan. Also keep an eye out for Upland Sandpipers � they are sometimes seen in the prairie and agricultural areas along US-138, especially towards the Sedgwick County line.

Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Lowland Riparian, Grassland/Prairie
Directions: To get to Red Lion, take I-76 to exit 155 (the Red Lion exit) and turn north at the end of the ramp. Go north a little over two miles and take a right (east) onto US-138. Travel east for one mile and take a left (north) onto CR 95. Red Lion SWA is along the east side of CR 95, starting at US-138 and going all the way to Jumbo Reservoir SWA.
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CBRC Records from Red Lion State Wildlife Area

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Piping Plover18-75-50 10 May 1975
Piping Plover18-83-27 24 Jul 1983
Piping Plover2010-066 5/5/2006
Hudsonian Godwit19-76-495/8/1976
Hudsonian Godwit19-76-575/30/1976 - 5/31/1976
Hudsonian Godwit19-78-155/28/1977
Red Phalarope21-83-298/24/1983
Least Tern23-78-69 27 May 1978
Least Tern2020-051 28 May 2020
Neotropic Cormorant4-81-256/29/1981
Neotropic Cormorant4-83-187/1/1983
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron5-81-246/29/1981
Glossy Ibis2010-046 5/21/2005
Glossy Ibis2006-091 5/29/2006
Glossy Ibis2010-036 5/21/2010
Snowy Owl2010-055 2/9/1967
Snowy Owl2012-033 3/25/2012
Sedge Wren42-79-146/27/1978
Baird's Sparrow56-76-525/8/1976
Henslow's Sparrow56-88-408/21/1988
Eastern Meadowlark54-75-374/20/1975 - 5/10/1975
Eastern Meadowlark54-75-445/10/1975
Eastern Meadowlark54-76-535/8-9/1976
Eastern Meadowlark54-76-765/30/1976