Your Guide to Birding

in Washington County

County Map Washington County
Author(s):  Nathan Pieplow, Joe Roller, Andrew Spencer
County Seat: Akron
Size: 2,520 square miles
Low Elevation: 4,061 ft. - South Platte River on the Logan border
High Elevation: 5,420 ft. - Presidents Hill
Best Birds: Reddish Egret (2002), Connecticut Warbler (2001)
Checklist: Washington County Checklist
Introduction: Washington County. This county is famous for including most of Prewitt Reservoir, one of the state's premier sites for shorebirds and migrant passerines. Other than that, it is generally reputed to be one gigantic backwards-L-shaped piece of empty. But, as we hope to show, this reputation is only mostly deserved!

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Habitat: Urban/Suburban
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Anton ponds
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir
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Habitat: Urban/Suburban
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Last Chance
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt
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Longspur and Plover areas in Washington County
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie
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Messex State Wildlife Area (south unit)
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt
More Information
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt, Lake/Pond/Reservoir
More Information
Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Habitat: Lake/Pond/Reservoir, Lowland Riparian, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt, Marsh
More Information

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CBRC Accepted Records from Washington County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
White-winged Dove25-93-56/8/1992
Black-billed Cuckoo2011-117 9/11/2011
Black-billed Cuckoo2011-119 9/16/2011
Black-billed Cuckoo2015-087 07/19/2015
Whooping Crane2004-06011/13/2004 - 11/14/2004
Red Knot1998-0489/19/1998
Red Knot2018-067 08/22/2018
Curlew Sandpiper2005-096 9/18/2005 - 9/19/2005
Buff-breasted Sandpiper19-82-409/5/1981
Buff-breasted Sandpiper1998-0509/19/1998
Buff-breasted Sandpiper2000-0377/31/2000
Buff-breasted Sandpiper2001-0799/21/2001
Buff-breasted Sandpiper2005-088 9/4/2005 - 9/5/2005
Buff-breasted Sandpiper2012-104 8/25/2012
Short-billed Dowitcher2004-0807/25/2004
Red Phalarope21-82-429/5/1981
Red Phalarope21-90-219/19/1990
Red Phalarope2005-086 9/4/2005
Jaeger sp.22-76-11711/24/1976
Long-tailed Jaeger2005-089 9/5/2005 - 9/15/2005
Long-tailed Jaeger2005-097 9/19/2005
Black-legged Kittiwake23-88-911/25/1987
Little Gull1998-0579/11/1998
Laughing Gull1997-03510/21/1997
Laughing Gull2009-065 9/27/2009
Laughing Gull2010-163 12/14/2010
Laughing Gull2013-184 07/14/2013
Western Gull2012-038 3/29/2012
Western Gull2016-060 06/17/2016
Iceland Gull2012-023 3/11/2012
Iceland Gull2012-024 3/11/2012
Iceland Gull2012-027 3/17/2012
Iceland Gull2012-039 3/29/2012
Glaucous-winged Gull2012-022 3/11/2012
Glaucous-winged Gull2012-026 3/17/2012
Glaucous-winged Gull2012-035 3/25/2012
Great Black-backed Gull23-88-511/25/1987
Neotropic Cormorant2011-100 7/10/2011 - 8/6/2011
Brown Pelican3-96-58/21/1996
Brown Pelican2008-095 8/11/2008 - 10/4/2008
Little Blue Heron2009-059 8/29/2009 - 8/30/2009
Reddish Egret2002-1359/1/2002
Snowy Owl1918-0021/15/1918
Snowy Owl2003-113 
Snowy Owl2021-013 7 Dec 2021
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2010-076 4/29/2010
Eastern Wood-Pewee34-88-368/21/1988
Alder Flycatcher2011-070 5/29/2011
Alder Flycatcher2011-071 5/29/2011
Alder Flycatcher2012-108 8/30/2012 - 9/2/2012
Alder Flycatcher2013-189 08/11/2013
Vermilion Flycatcher34-81-186/14/1981
Blue-headed Vireo2008-058 5/13/2008
Blue-headed Vireo2010-170 10/9/2010
Blue-headed Vireo2012-131 9/27/2012
Philadelphia Vireo2006-116 8/27/2006
Philadelphia Vireo2012-174 09/27/2012
Philadelphia Vireo2012-204 09/09/2012
Philadelphia Vireo2013-205 09/10/2013
Cave Swallow2013-183 07/17/2013
Gray-cheeked Thrush2012-054 5/19/2012
Gray-cheeked Thrush2013-142 05/12/2013
Wood Thrush2004-101 5/20/2004
Varied Thrush2006-050 5/12/2006
Common Redpoll2013-123 03/03/2013
Golden-crowned Sparrow2007-084 5/6/2007
Worm-eating Warbler52-96-1085/17/1996
Louisiana Waterthrush52-96-845/17/1996
Prothonotary Warbler52-78-649/5/1978
Prothonotary Warbler1999-1439/8/1999
Prothonotary Warbler2007-14427 May 2007
Orange-crowned Warbler2011-22017 Sep 2011
Connecticut Warbler2001-142 9/1/2001
Connecticut Warbler2002-0035/27/2001
Connecticut Warbler2013-195 09/02/2013
Mourning Warbler52-96-895/18/1996
Mourning Warbler52-96-905/27/1996
Kentucky Warbler2012-030 5/14/2006
Cape May Warbler52-83-445/20/1983
Bay-breasted Warbler52-74-13910/27/1974
Blackburnian Warbler2006-178 5/25/2006
Blackburnian Warbler2010-168 9/17/2010
Blackburnian Warbler2010-176 11/5/2010
Blackburnian Warbler2011-113 9/4/2011
Black-throated Blue Warbler2022-061 17 Sep 2022
Pine Warbler2006-117 8/27/2006
Hermit Warbler2012-138 10/8/2012 - 10/9/2012
Canada Warbler2006-118 8/27/2006
Canada Warbler2011-114 9/5/2011
Canada Warbler2011-125 9/23/2011
Canada Warbler2014-133 08/27/2014
Scarlet Tanager2006-136 9/29/2006