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in Archuleta County

County Map Archuleta County
Author(s):  James Beatty, James D. Beatty
County Seat: Pagosa Springs
Size: 1,353 square miles
Low Elevation: 6,085 ft. - Navajo Reservoir
High Elevation: 13,300 ft. - Summit Peak
Best Birds: Whip-poor-will (1999), Least Bittern (1915)
Checklist: Archuleta County Checklist
Introduction: Archuleta is a southwestern county, which borders New Mexico, is sparsely populated and not traversed by very many major highways. It is not heavily birded and the eastern portions are not easily accessible unless you are camping. The Continental Divide crosses the southeast corner and mountain peaks exceed 12,000 feet in the southeastern part of the county. Habitats range from sub-alpine to dry sagebrush with considerable pinyon-juniper regions in the south and southwestern regions. Navajo Reservoir is the only large body of water and there are several lakes just west of Pagosa Springs, the only town of any size in the county. Most of the central parts are ponderosa with spruce/fir at higher elevations.

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Birding Sites

Beaver Creek Road (FR 135)
Habitat: Aspen Grove, Mixed Conifer Forest
More Information
Blanco River Road
Habitat: Mixed-Conifer Forest
More Information
Chimney Rock Archaeological Area
Habitat: Cliff Face
More Information
Echo Canyon Lake State Park
Habitat: Marsh, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information
First Fork Road (FR 622)
Habitat: Ponderosa Forest, Mountain Meadow, Mixed Conifer Forest, Spruce-Fir Forest
More Information
Fosset Gulch Road (FR 613)
Habitat: Ponderosa Forest, Mountain Meadow
More Information
Lower Piedra Campground
Habitat: Ponderosa Forest, Lowland Riparian, Stream, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information
Mill Creek Road
Habitat: Ponderosa Forest
More Information
Navajo State Park
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Pinyon/Juniper Forest
More Information
Navajo Watchable Wildlife Area
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Sagebrush
More Information
Pagosa Springs
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Urban/Suburban, Ponderosa Forest
More Information
Piedra Road (Archuleta section)
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Ponderosa Forest, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Sambrito Marsh
Habitat: Marsh, Sagebrush, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
San Juan River
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie, Stream, Lowland Riparian
More Information
Stollsteimer Marsh
Habitat: Marsh, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information

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Latest Unusual Birds (eBird) in Archuleta County


CBRC Accepted Records from Archuleta County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Tundra Swan2002-153 3/24/2002
Mexican Duck2006-066 5/16/2006
Black Scoter2014-184 5 Nov 2014
Red-necked Grebe2016-036 05/31/2016
Common Ground Dove2014-084 06/19/2014
Mexican Whip-poor-will1999-0866/22/1999
Lesser Black-backed Gull2018-032 02/03/2018
Pacific Loon2005-115 11/10/2005
Least Bittern1915-0035/25/1915
Cattle Egret2013-245 11/01/2013
Acorn Woodpecker2001-1076/10/2001
Black Phoebe2002-0835/24/2002 - 5/26/2002
Winter Wren2018-034 02/17/2018
Eastern Bluebird2004-092 4/28/2004
Common Redpoll2018-068 03/06/2018
Black-throated Sparrow2011-077 6/1/2011
Field Sparrow2006-012 1/21/2006
Golden-crowned Sparrow2002-0181/29/2002 - 2/2/2002
Ovenbird2010-110 6/30/2010
Hooded Warbler2004-0437/27/2004
Chestnut-sided Warbler2012-180 10/02/2012