Your Guide to Birding

in Huerfano County

County Map Huerfano County
Author(s):  Mark Peterson, Dave Silverman
County Seat: Walsenburg
Size: 1,584 square miles
Low Elevation: 4,225 ft. - Cucharas River on the Pueblo border
High Elevation: 14,320 ft. - NE Ridge of Blanca Peak
Best Birds: Brown Pelican (2002), Painted Bunting (2002)
Checklist: Huerfano County Checklist
Introduction: The name of this county, pronounced "WAR-fa-no", comes from the Spanish word for "orphan", which was used to describe the lonely butte standing beside I-25 north of Walsenburg. Huerfano County contains nearly every Colorado habitat from the low dry grasslands in the east up to the tundra along its southwest boundary, but much of the county is private land, especially at the lower elevations.

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Birding Sites

Cordova Pass Road
Habitat: Spruce-Fir Forest, Mountain Meadow
More Information
Cucharas Creek Road
Habitat: Spruce-Fir Forest, Aspen Grove, Streamside Willow, Stream, Krummholz, Alpine Tundra
More Information
Devil's Stairsteps
Habitat: Cliff Face
More Information
Greenhorn Peak
Habitat: Alpine Tundra, Krummholz, Spruce-Fir Forest
More Information
Ideal Canyon Road
Habitat: Pinyon-Juniper Forest, Ponderosa Forest
More Information
La Veta
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Lowland Riparian, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information
Lake Maria
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Lathrop State Park
Habitat: Pinyon-Juniper Forest, Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Lowland Reservoir, Marsh, Yucca
More Information
MacDonald's Reservoir
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Ponderosa Forest, Scrub Oak Forest
More Information
Medano Pass Road (east side)
Habitat: Pond, Marsh, Pinyon-Juniper, Ponderosa Forest, Mixed-Conifer Forest, Aspen Grove
More Information
Orlando and Clark Reservoirs
Habitat: Lake
More Information
Roberts Cordova Ranch (Huerfano section)
Habitat: Pinyon-Juniper Forest, Rimrock/Mesa, Grassland/Prairie, Cholla
More Information
Santa Clara Creek
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Pinyon-Juniper Forest
More Information
Wahatoya Valley
Habitat: Spruce-Fir Forest, Cliff Face
More Information
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Stream, Lowland Riparian, Park/Cemetery
More Information

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CBRC Accepted Records from Huerfano County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Trumpeter Swan2003-09111/30/2003
Tundra Swan2002-0313/12/2002
Tundra Swan2002-18911/7/2002
Tundra Swan2010-19425 Nov 2010
Eurasian Wigeon8-73-910/24/1970
Eurasian Wigeon2019-016 03/24/2019
Black Scoter2013-31226 Oct 2013
Yellow-billed Cuckoo2011-21504 Jun 2011
Black-billed Cuckoo2015-078 06/10/2015
Chimney Swift2005-040 5/8/2005
Ruby-throated Hummingbird2011-050 5/12/2011 - 5/13/2011
Calliope Hummingbird2008-045 5/3/2008
Ruddy Turnstone18-73-208/22/1970
Red Knot2007-055 9/9/2007 - 9/12/2007
Red Phalarope2014-085 07/31/2014
Black-legged Kittiwake2006-160 11/18/2006
Black-legged Kittiwake2010-154 11/28/2010
Laughing Gull2015-091 07/28/2015
Lesser Black-backed Gull2011-20009 Jan 2011
Least Tern23-73-118 22 Aug 1970
Least Tern2003-0405/14/2003
Caspian Tern2012-111 9/13/2012
Brown Pelican2002-169 9/1/2002
Cattle Egret2013-30221 Apr 2013
Glossy Ibis7-90-77/4/1990
Northern Pygmy-Owl2011-20219 Feb 2011
Red-bellied Woodpecker2014-003 11/17/2004
Ladder-backed Woodpecker2004-50105 Dec 2004
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2015-066 05/30/2015
Black Phoebe2013-106 09/09/2012
Black Phoebe2015-034 04/09/2015
White-eyed Vireo2016-034 05/22/2016
Brown Thrasher2012-115 9/17/2012
Varied Thrush2013-117 04/01/2000
Varied Thrush2014-011 01/12/2014
Common Redpoll2013-237 11/10/2012
Black-chinned Sparrow2012-069 5/27/2012
Fox Sparrow (Red)2010-157 11/30/2010 - 12/1/2010
Golden-crowned Sparrow2005-039 5/7/2005
Harris's Sparrow2010-19624 Dec 2010
Eastern Towhee2010-141 11/6/2010
Bobolink2011-21121 May 2011
Orchard Oriole2010-18621 May 2010
Baltimore Oriole2010-108 5/21/2010 - 5/23/2010
Baltimore Oriole2011-076 6/1/2011
Scott's Oriole2012-057 5/21/2012
Cape May Warbler2021-032 1 Dec 2021
Northern Parula2010-142 11/8/2010
Hepatic Tanager2003-049 6/22/2003
Hepatic Tanager2005-060 5/22/2005 - 6/25/2005
Summer Tanager2011-21326 May 2011
Yellow Grosbeak2021-001 28 May 2021
Rose-breasted Grosbeak2011-20912 May 2011
Painted Bunting2002-1339/8/2002
Painted Bunting2007-036 5/14/2007
Dickcissel2012-068 6/2/2012