Your Guide to Birding

in Denver County

County Map Denver County
Author(s):  Jared Del Rosso, Nathan Pieplow, Chris Rurik, Andrew Spencer
County Seat: Denver
Size: 154.63 square miles
Low Elevation: 5,132 ft. - South Platte River on the Adams border
High Elevation: 5,680 ft. - Kipling near Belleview
Best Birds: Eskimo Curlew (1882), Wood Stork (1934)
Checklist: Denver County Checklist
Introduction: Synonymous with the city of Denver, the mile-high city, this tiny county is not one that will easily yield a mile-high list. For the most part, Denver County is a concrete jungle, birded more for the proximity of its hotspots than their quality. Nonetheless, there are many pockets habitat if you know where to look. The county boasts one of the great metro area reservoirs, thickly vegetated greenbelts, a few natural areas and even some undeveloped land on the plains. Given a concentrated effort, Denver County's position between the front range and the plains will actually result in quite a selection of species. Strict county listers should pay close attention to the county's boundaries, as they can be quite convoluted.

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Birding Sites

Bear Creek Greenbelt (Denver section)
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Urban/Suburban
More Information
Berkeley Lake and Rocky Mountain Lake
Habitat: Pond, Marsh, Park
More Information
Bluff Lake Nature Center Accessible
Habitat: Pond, Marsh, Lowland Riparian, Stream, Shortgrass Prairie
More Information
Cheesman Park and Denver Botanic Gardens
Habitat: Park
More Information
Cherry Creek Greenbelt
Habitat: Stream, Lowland Riparian, Urban/Suburban
More Information
City Park Accessible
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Pond
More Information
DIA Owl Loop
Habitat: Shortgrass Prairie; Agricultural
More Information
Fairmount Cemetery
Habitat: Cemetery
More Information
High Line Canal (Denver Section)
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Urban/Suburban, Park/Cemetery
More Information
Marston Reservoir
Habitat: Reservoir
More Information
Sloan's Lake
Habitat: Lake, Park
More Information
South Platte Greenbelt (Denver section)
Habitat: Lowland Riparian, Pond, Park, Stream
More Information
Washington Park
Habitat: Park, Pond
More Information
Westerly Wetlands
Habitat: Marsh, prairie, creek, suburban park
More Information

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Latest Unusual Birds (eBird) in Denver County


CBRC Accepted Records from Denver County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Cackling Goose (Ridgway's)2015-012 25 Dec 2013
Cackling Goose (Ridgway's)2015-014 27 Jan 2015
Canada Goose (Dusky)2013-293 1/21/2013
Tundra Swan2005-125 11/17/2005
Long-tailed Duck2011-20117 Jan 2011
Wild Turkey2023-004 25 Feb 2023
White-winged Dove25-86-205/12/1986
White-winged Dove25-90-286/4/1990
Groove-billed Ani2019-035 09/8-10/2019
Greater Roadrunner2010-047 10/17/1934
Black-billed Cuckoo1924-0016/10/1924
Black-billed Cuckoo1941-0016/5/1941
Black-billed Cuckoo1945-0015/30/1945
Common Poorwill2012-22126 Apr 2012
Eskimo Curlew1882-0024/29/1882
Ruddy Turnstone1900-0015/18/1900
Ruddy Turnstone1906-0045/3/1906
American Woodcock1885-0028/9/1885
Jaeger sp.22-76-12312/11/1976
Laughing Gull23-75-415/5/1975 - 5/6/1975
Short-billed Gull23-80-173/7/1980
Short-billed Gull23-82-713/22/1982
Red-throated Loon1-76-10610/27/1976
Wood Stork1934-0017/25/1934
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron2020-018 6 May 2020
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron2021-018 16 Apr 2021
Cooper's Hawk2012-23309 Nov 2012
Red-shouldered Hawk2010-010 1/20/1896
Crested Caracara2017-052 08/25/2017
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2011-051 5/13/2011 - 5/16/2011
Alder Flycatcher1885-0015/28/1885
Blue-headed Vireo2020-046 17 Oct 2020
Philadelphia Vireo2015-105 09/23/2015
Blue Jay2005-17111 Nov 2005
Cedar Waxwing2010-19507 Dec 2010
Canyon Wren2016-071 09/14/2016
Carolina Wren42-95-651/18/1996
Carolina Wren42-96-524/14/1996
Long-billed Thrasher2006-018 2/21/2006 - 2/25/2006
American Dipper2012-22025 Apr 2012
Wood Thrush1951-00111/11/1951
Varied Thrush44-88-411/9/1987
Purple Finch1885-00311/15/1885
Fox Sparrow (Red)2014-009 11/21/2013
Golden-crowned Sparrow2020-012 19 Apr 2020
White-throated Sparrow2011-22402 Nov 2011
Green-tailed Towhee2008-16707 Dec 2008
Brewster's Warbler1997-0815/11/1997
Mourning Warbler1982-0029/14/1982
Cape May Warbler2001-0152/25/2001
Pine Warbler52-89-432/14/1989
Yellow-throated Warbler52-89-4110/14/1989
Scarlet Tanager1956-0029/7/1956
Western Tanager2020-064 12 May 2020
Pyrrhuloxia2022-002 11 Feb 2022