Your Guide to Birding

in Crowley County

County Map Crowley County
Author(s):  Mark Peterson, Andrew Spencer
County Seat: Ordway
Size: 790 square miles
Low Elevation: 4,157 ft. - Horse Creek on the Otero border
High Elevation: 5,220 ft. - Schubert Hill
Best Birds: Whip-poor-will (1989), Hermit Warbler (1999)
Checklist: Crowley County Checklist
Introduction: Small but satisfying, Crowley serves up good birds, especially in migration. Most of the county is shortgrass prairie or cholla flats, but the southeastern part of the county has some amazing lakes. A stop here on the way between Denver and Lamar is absolutely de rigueur.

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Birding Sites

Box Springs
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Marsh, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Cholla patch near Fowler
Habitat: Cholla
More Information
Cholla stands in western Crowley County
Habitat: Cholla, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Habitat: Urban/Suburban
More Information
Gray Ranch
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Horse Creek and Black Draw Reservoir
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Tamarisk, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Lake Henry
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie, Lowland Riparian, Marsh, Tamarisk
More Information
Lake Meredith
Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Park/Cemetery, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information

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CBRC Accepted Records from Crowley County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Trumpeter Swan8-93-22/28/1993
Black Scoter8-95-1912/3/1995
Black Scoter1997-02011/8/1997
Red-necked Grebe2-94-25/8/1994
Eastern Whip-poor-will29-89-265/13/1989
Piping Plover18-75-153 13-14 Sep 1975
Hudsonian Godwit19-82-125/1/1982
Hudsonian Godwit19-94-245/13/1994
Hudsonian Godwit2004-0204/30/2004 - 5/1/2004
Hudsonian Godwit2021-020 30 Apr 2021
Ruddy Turnstone19-94-268/28/1994
Red Knot19-72-165/13/1972
Red Knot19-89-148/27/1989
Red Knot2005-095 9/17/2005
Ruff2003-01810/5/2002 - 10/6/2002
Purple Sandpiper2022-053 7 Oct 2022
American Woodcock2001-0062/19/2001
Red Phalarope2003-039 11/6/2003
Pomarine Jaeger22-94-2911/5/1994
Parasitic Jaeger22-75-1529/13/1975
Parasitic Jaeger22-95-349/9/1995
Long-tailed Jaeger2023-027 26 Jun 2023
Little Gull2006-124 9/10/2006
Little Gull2013-109 04/07/2013
Laughing Gull23-74-435/27/1974
Laughing Gull23-87-299/6/1987
Laughing Gull23-95-365/1/1995
Short-billed Gull2008-142 12/17/2008
Lesser Black-backed Gull23-93-192/27/1993
Sooty Tern2008-107 9/12/2008
Red-throated Loon1-94-110/30/1994
Neotropic Cormorant4-94-59/11/1994
Neotropic Cormorant2011-094 6/24/2011
Brown Pelican3-94-310/30/1994
Brown Pelican2009-022 4/25/2009
Little Blue Heron5-85-69/17/1984
Little Blue Heron5-93-459/5/1993
Tricolored Heron5-87-25/1/1987
Tricolored Heron5-87-39/5/1987
Tricolored Heron2002-1688/15/2002 - 8/31/2002
Reddish Egret2013-265 07/13/2013
Glossy Ibis1998-0124/11/1998
Glossy Ibis2005-045 5/13/2005
Eastern Wood-Pewee34-82-145/12/1982
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher2005-163 8/13/2005
Alder Flycatcher2002-062 8/25/2002
White-eyed Vireo51-94-545/8/1994
White-eyed Vireo1997-0685/9/1997
Yellow-throated Vireo51-93-634/25/1993
Philadelphia Vireo2022-018 8 Oct 2022
Gray-cheeked Thrush44-94-495/14/1994
Gray-cheeked Thrush44-96-564/27/1996
Gray-cheeked Thrush1997-0655/9/1997
Snow Bunting2021-026 18 Nov 2021
LeConte's Sparrow56-95-9912/30/1995
Golden-winged Warbler52-95-785/28/1995
Golden-winged Warbler1997-0805/11/1997
Golden-winged Warbler1998-1145/11/1998
Prothonotary Warbler1997-0978/22/1997
Mourning Warbler52-93-509/5/1993
Mourning Warbler52-95-895/28/1995
Mourning Warbler1999-1515/18/1999
Kentucky Warbler52-91-755/9/1991
Kentucky Warbler1999-1485/7/1999
Bay-breasted Warbler52-95-835/28/1995
Bay-breasted Warbler1998-1275/16/1997
Blackburnian Warbler52-92-349/26/1992
Blackburnian Warbler52-96-755/4/1996
Blackburnian Warbler1999-1315/15/1999
Pine Warbler1999-1375/21/1999
Yellow-throated Warbler1997-0885/22/1997
Prairie Warbler52-93-889/12/1993
Grace's Warbler2008-043 5/2/2008