Your Guide to Birding

in Cheyenne County

County Map Cheyenne County
Author(s):  Mark Peterson, Nathan Pieplow, Andrew Spencer
County Seat: Cheyenne Wells
Size: 1,783 square miles
Low Elevation: 3,798 ft. - Smoky Hill River on the KS border
High Elevation: 5,290 ft. - Ranch Road
Best Birds: Mourning Warbler (1990), Red Phalarope (1992)
Checklist: Cheyenne County Checklist
Introduction: It can probably be fairly said that Cheyenne County is the least birded county in the state. After San Juan, it is the hardest county in which to see 100 species. It probably has less surface water than any other county, including Clear Creek and San Juan! That said, there are a few hidden gems in Cheyenne County, such as a small and very hard to find Lesser Prairie-Chicken population and a few breeding pairs of Mountain Plovers. If you want a challenging county to bird, one that has not been thoroughly covered by other county listers, then this is your county.

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Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Cheyenne Wells
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
County Road 40
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie
More Information
County Road M
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Hammer Ranch
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie, Lowland Riparian, Pond/Lake/Reservoir
More Information
Kit Carson
Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Lowland Riparian, Grassland/Prairie
More Information
Wild Horse
Habitat: Grassland/Prairie
More Information

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CBRC Accepted Records from Cheyenne County

SpeciesAccession No.Date(s)
Inca Dove2004-094 11/21/2004
Lesser Nighthawk2010-079 5/6/2010
Red Knot2022-035 9 Sep 2022
Red Phalarope21-92-435/28/1992
Brown Pelican2011-046 5/11/2011
Black Vulture2010-118 7/31/2010
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2008-049 5/4/2008
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2012-22831 May 2012
Alder Flycatcher2018-09020 May 2018
Fox Sparrow (Red)2010-127 10/8/2010
Swainson's Warbler2010-022 5/7/2010
Mourning Warbler52-96-886/1/1990
Palm Warbler2020-016 05/03/2020
Black-throated Green Warbler2014-19204 May 2014
Golden-crowned Warbler2018-003 05/17/2018