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Welcome to Colorado Birding — a project of Colorado Field Ornithologists by and for the birders of Colorado as well as for birders visiting from elsewhere. Here you will find a variety of information related to birding in our state. There are checklists for the state and every county, site descriptions of good birding locations with current sightings recorded, plus information on habitats, hazards, access to sites and specialty species. You can even test your ID skills with our quizzes or particpate in the life listing game. Whether you are a native or a visitor, we hope this site will help you plan trips to find the birds you seek. More importantly, we hope it will encourage you to explore new corners of this marvelous state, to add to our existing knowledge of Colorado birds and their distributions, and to support rural economies. Be sure to thank the many authors and photographers that made these pages possible!

Latest Unusual Sightings from Colorado eBird

These are birds that eBird considers unusual sightings. They have not necessarily been through a review process so chase at your own risk.


Birding in Colorado

County Birding

Select a county and see all of the tried and true areas that are good for birding. Each site may be viewed for more details on how to get there and where to go birding.

Birding a Site

Are you near a park or open space and wondering if you should take a look around? Search for it to get the details on what to expect and how to bird the area.

Specialty Birds

Colorado has a number of species that many people would like to find. Our highways to the high country make many of these more accessible here than in any other part of the country.


A wide variety of printable checklists for the state and counties are available courtesy of the Colorado Bird Records Committee, the official keeper of lists. They are frequently updated as new birds are added.

Better Birding by Habitat

Different species have different habitat requirements. Colorado's many varied habitats contrast from the riparian valleys to the high tundra and everything in between.

Test Your ID Skills

Test your identification skill by studying photos of birds as we usually see them, not crisp field guide images. Hopefully the answers will help you improve your birding.

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